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I don't hear it, but I know it is talking to me, telling me about my falls and stands, dreams and nightmares, hopes and reality, and about people in my life and those who passed away. I am trying to ignore it; but deep down inside me, I know there is a part of me listing to it. Yet, sadness is an overwhelming burden that I am unwilling to take. It comes and brings all the unspoken words, the tears hidden by a fake smile, the pain in a seemingly happy heart, and the memories of the beloved ones who left us, whether on by or against their wills.
Hell, silence! What do you want me to do? It's over, it's okay for me like that... I don't want your noises to disturb my peace... or what seems to be like peace. I just realized that weeping is not the best way to overcome life. I have to stand, to fall, then STAND, then fall harder and harder, and then to STAND AGAIN! No matter what, I have to continue my journey, whether I like it or not, whether it is happy or not, and whether…
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Unfound Soul

One of the most difficult times for the writers is the time when they lose their inspiration. They lose creativity, search for their muses, write many unpublished drafts, and cry in silence.

In such times, writers may try to seek an inspiring spot where they can find their lost skill. Other writers, may evoke their pain to find inspiration. Few writers may quit writing!

Quitting writing is a desperate resolution for the writers who lost their inspiration. They know that they want to avoid pain found in their writings, they seek peace, and they want to stop thinking.

Yet, it is not an easy decision to quit writing, because writers know that a part of their existence is reflected in each word they write, in each moment of pain they share with their readers, in each time they realize the meaning of life through writing, and in each moment they shed a tear!

My dear readers, it is not an easy decision to stop writing again, I stopped before for 6 or 7 years. But, my soul is no longer here, my …


She was afraid to tell him the secret that she kept hidden for a long time. She was afraid that he may not understand her. She was afraid that she will lose him. Yet, his love was so secure that she never felt afraid when she was with him. He always supported her and cared for her. She believed him and trusted him. Yet, it took her time to reveal her secret.

She tried her best to be courageous enough to reveal her secret. It needed time and courage. The day she revealed her secret, he assured her it is ok. He still loved her and will always be with her.

Next day, he ignored her. She asked about him but he replied he wants to stay alone. She was shocked then she realized she was a fool again. She locked herself in her room, praying to God that she never trust anyone again! It is always trust that brings us pain!


A little girl was walking with her mummy when it suddenly rained. The mother looked around for a shelter while the girl ran happily and tried to hug the raindrops. The mother ordered the little girl to come under the shelter but the little girl disobeyed the order and she kept playing under the rain till her clothes were completely wet. 

Next day, the girl was sick in her bed and her mother was blaming her for disobedience. The little girl said to her mother: “Ok if rain causes cold and we are not supposed to enjoy it; then why did God create it in the first place?” The mother could not answer.

So, the little girl said: “ I’ll tell why, mummy, because God gives us choices, to enjoy raindrops and catch a cold or to find a shelter to avoid raindrops. My choice was to enjoy the rain, unlike you, and now I bear the results of my choice which I don’t regret. The problem mummy is that people forbidden the choices allowed by God. So, you may say that I disobeyed you but I did not disobey God. …


"I wish to tell you my secret!" She whispered in the ears of her lover who was sleeping peacefully near her. She surrounded his waist with her arm and gently put her head on his shoulder. He felt her move; he kissed her hair softly while he was sleepy still.

She sighed and closed her eyes. He held her closer and kissed her again. She looked into his eyes and smiled then moved up to kiss his lips. For a moment, they felt it like eternity, they felt peace and tranquility. Everything was in peace, it was heaven! Nothing to worry about except for...She wanted to tell him.

He held her so tight to his body; she felt every inch of it and he felt hers. Then, they kissed intimately. She lost her mind and he lost his. Then, they started their journey to the eternity. Again, it was heaven!

She rested her head again on his should and closed her eyes. Her tears dropped but she rubbed them quickly so that he could not notice or feel them. She wanted to tell him.

Again, he held her tight to fa…

I Miss You

I miss you
When you're away
I want to cry

I miss you 
When we kiss
It's a mess

I miss you
When you hug me
I completely surrender to you

I miss you
When you touch me
I just melt

I miss you
When you're close
I want a pause

I miss you
When you smile
I hold you tight

I miss you
I love you
I surrender to you!

I Feel Alive

When we kiss
I feel happiness
I feel excitement
I feel alive

When you hug me
I seek warmth
I escape to safety
I feel alive

When you touch me I feel fire I feel heaven I feel alive
When you love me I feel your strong heartbeats I feel your warmth I feel alive
When we cuddle I feel serenity I feel it like eternity I feel alive

Falling in Love (Endless Abyss)

With you, I fall in love again and againIt is a joyful pain To feel your warmth To reach the point of extreme
With you, I fall in love again and again I fall to the endless abyss I scream in pain and happiness I embrace heaven in your arms
With you, I fall in love again and again It's just a moment of being To forget the mad universe To become our own universe
With you, I fall in love again and again With you, I find safety With you, I find insanity With you, I find myself

Closer I need you

Closer I need you
The silent night will witness our love
It will be like a prayer for the stars above

Closer I need you
Hold my hands and never let them go
They melt when they touch you

Closer I need you
In my arms, I will hide you
In your arms, I will surrender to you

Closer I need you
Forever I need you
Oh, I just love you!

Godot is Waiting

Godot: O! My God! Where is this girl? They told me that she will come after an hour and I've been waiting for a year!

(walking away and he hears steps so he looks around but found nobody)

Godot: I wanna go back home but I still have to wait for her! I already wasted a year waiting for her .. she should be here at any moment! I won't lose anything If i waited for another hour! She may show up!

(returning back to the same spot where he was waiting for the girl)

(after 3 months)

A boy: Are you Mr. Godot?

Godot: Yes, it's me!

A boy: This is a message for you!

(The boy hands Godot the message and then he ran away)

Godot: Hey! Wait!

(The boy disappeared)

(Godot reading the letter: " Dear Mr. Godot, I know you are waiting for me as I believe I'm the only person who is not waiting for you anymore. I made up my mind so I wont be included in your long waiting list anymore! I'm surprised why people should be wait for you while they know that you will not show up!!?? It's useles…

Beyond Death Lies Memories

The last thing she could feel was the coldness and gradually everything started to fall into darkness. She woke up in a place she couldn't realize. She also had that strange feeling that she never felt like it before. Yet, she resisted it strongly. She heard voices that at first, she couldn't recognize them; later, she recognized that these voices were of her family, relatives, friends and colleagues.
They were talking about her being a unique person who truly loved every creature on earth. She never meant to hurt anybody. Actually, she rushed to help them whenever she could. Laughter and peace were always there wherever she was. They remembered all of her good deeds and the only mistake she did; as she could help everybody except herself.
She heard a sigh and then silence. She smiled as people didn't realize what she was really doing. She helped herself by making them recall her deeds. For her, the only thing that Death can't take away is memories that remain in the hea…